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A all the Way Discos offers a stylish, efficient and customer focused mobile disco service. A all the Way can cater for ANY occasion whether it be a birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, corporate event, themed, outdoor etc. The list is endless; it is easier to say that A all the Way play music for ALL occasions.

The A all the Way DJ is a professional with many years experience and uses state of the art equipment to deliver his extensive high quality digital music library. A all the Way can play either playlists that have been specially chosen by you for your perfect event, or current and classic party music from across the years to suit all people and all occasions.

A all the Way will play all requests whether they are arranged in advance or on the night, he does not stick to rigid playlists, the DJ will play whatever makes people dance.

A all the Way can cover all budgets, whether you are looking for something small and intimate, or large, proud and loud. The A all the Way high quality sound systems will deliver crystal clear music to suit all sizes of venues and the lights and laser show will bring that extra special sparkle and pizzazz to your event; and leave your family, friends and colleagues talking about it for years after.

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Call/text us here: 07580 316 373

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A all the Way support Cancer Research UK

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